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It takes a village

Tommy Talks knows how vital community is, our community is a reflection of us all. When we come together to learn, heal, educate, support, and grow we are laying the foundation for generations to come. 

We are passionate about creating safe spaces where the community can share (or not) and remember that we’re all more than the scars of our trauma. Our founder, Tommy Talley, started sharing his writing about his battle with mental health and his life. Always honest, always with good intentions. He believes the truest way to connect with others is by being our most authentic ourselves and to express ourselves.

Check out some of the AMAZING work from our community. TOGETHER we are #normalizingmentalhealth one day at a time.

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The photos below were taken at our First Mental Health Awareness Pop-Up @ The Invert Community Engagement Center. See our panel discussion on experiences with mental health and ways to cope.👇

On Tuesday, May 17, 2022, Tommy Talks hosted a Mental Health Awareness Pop-Up @ The Invert.

One of the highlights of the event included a panel discussion. Panel participants included moderator Samantha Tyree LCPC, Roni-Nicole FacenYessenia Carreon GonzalezJesse Yahir Diaz, and Tommy Talks founder, Tommy Talley. 

At first glance, the participants couldn’t look more different — a licensed therapist, a principal, a community organizer/social media influencer, a business owner, and a nonprofit organization founder. However, once the discussion kicked off, not only did we learn they were all more alike than different, but they also shared one common value — love of community & a sincere hope of bringing forth positive change. 

Each panel member discussed their own challenges with mental health, practices they used to make it to the other side, the struggles they have today, how they prioritize family, friendships, careers & their own personal goals, and why removing the negative stigma from mental health care is important… extremely important. 

The panel answered questions from the audience and offered advise and resources. It was wonderful watching everyone interact with one another and learn from each other.

A community that comes together to learn, share, grow, and support each other will surely lay the foundations for generations to come. 

We love you all 



We Talk: Video
We Talk: Pro Gallery

In honor of Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, we want to remind everyone that we stand for improved mental being for ALL. Mental Illness sees no color, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Check out some photos from our latest pop-up event, you can also find the video for the panel discussion featuring some amazing community leaders. See below!👇

We Talk: Image
We Talk: Pro Gallery
We Talk: Video