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I Don’t Feel Like Getting Out of Bed Today

Have you ever had one of those days where you just don’t feel like getting out of bed? You’re lying there with your phone in your hand or at your side, and most likely hit snooze once…or a couple of times. I wont judge. You know you have things to do, but…."I don’t feel like getting out of bed" is what you tell yourself.

Yeah, I get it. I have those days, quite often in fact. It’s just such a drag to get out of bed sometimes. I’d rather be snuggled up on my soft warm bed, comfortable pillow, nice, warm blanket. Secluded. Away from the stresses of the world.

Perhaps you’re dreading the day because you have so much to do and that’s the reason for not wanting to get out of bed. You’re overwhelmed. You’re already tired from your long to-do list. Telling yourself, "Ugh, do I really have to get out of bed?? But its so early! Do I really have to get up and be an adult today?" Take the kids to school, clean the house, get groceries, pick the kids up, run errands, make dinner, go to work, etc. Yeah, I get it, I have those days.


Maybe you don’t want to get out of bed because you feel drained? Sometimes I don’t want to get up because I have no energy, feels like all the life has been sucked out of me. Sometimes for no reason at all, I might feel uneasy about something. Sometimes I feel unconfident or scared. Unworthy, unworthy to start a new day. Do I really have to be an adult? Do I really want to keep getting out of bed to do the same thing with my life everyday? Work to Live or Live to Work? Doing barely enough to get by, do I really have to do this? Do I really have to be an adult and work for all the things I want? Surely I can find a job that requires I stay in bed all day (if I find anything, I’ll let you know)!

This is what depression with a side of exhaustion, sleep deprivation, anxiety and panic can look like. It will tell us we’re unworthy, we can’t do it, we aren’t prepared, we aren’t good enough, we aren’t ready. It lies to us and sometimes we listen... sometimes we follow it down that rabbit hole... hoping and praying we find our way back out of it. Worried we’ll stay there. I get it. Oh, man, do I get it!

I have those days more often than not. I become overcome with a million emotions. I couldn’t control them and it makes me not want to get out of bed. It takes everything in me to throw those covers back and get up... but I do. I shower, get dressed, grab a nutrition smoothie (these are amazing, more to come), and I go to work or do whatever I need to do that day.

What this tells me is I’m still a work in progress. I’m okay, but today was hard and I’m not going to beat myself up for being human. I’m going to forgive myself for everything real and imagined. I’ll keep going and I’ll keep working on myself. Why? Because I want to keep getting out of bed. Actually, I want to look forward to getting out of bed.

Tell me, when you’re having a rough start to your day, what are some of the things you do?

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