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The grass is greener where you ______ it.

I love the saying, "The grass is greener where you water it.” — the deeper philosophy behind it has always intrigued me. What I want to talk about today is it actually taking a lot more than just "watering" to get that metaphorical green grass. How many of us actually know what it takes to keep grass green?

Research suggests to get the best green grass the following needs to be done. First step is testing your soil to see exactly what it’s craving and what it needs to be balanced and fertile. Second, you need to fertilize your lawn. Third, you need to watch out for weeds and unwanted insects that can kill your grass. Fourth, you need to lay seed down and ensure we water it properly. Lastly, you need to aerate your lawn. Let’s be honest, this sounds like a lot of time consuming work. I know, what does that mean right? Stay with me, I’ll explain later in this blog.

Back to that metaphorical green grass. If you want the "green grass" you see everyone else having, it’s going to require a lot more than water. You’re going to actually have to put in a lot of hard work. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, the grass is green where you ______ it.

Just like the grass, we need to test our soil and see what we need to be stronger, healthier and greener. If we’re looking to be the best versions of ourselves, what do we need more of? How do we achieve the right balance in our lives? Take time to sit and evaluate your life, be honest with yourself about what you need. Make a list and set goals — often time when we write things down, it gives us a clearer perspective.

We need to lay fertilizer down to feed the grass all the nutrients it needs to thrive. The fertilizer soaks deep into the roots and it grows green and healthy. Like the grass needs these nutrients, we need them as well to grow strong, "green”, and healthy. What are you putting into your body? Are you giving your body all the nutrients it needs the thrive?

What about weeds and unwanted bugs? What weeds and unwanted bugs are in your life? Creating roadblocks and unwanted detours? Just like weeds, crabgrass and insects stop your grass from growing and thriving, we have people in our lives keeping us back from growth and the chance to thrive. We will never be all that we were meant to be with those people in our lives. Pull the weed at the root, use some herbicide to keep them from returning and watch it grow.

In the same way grass requires hydration, we do as well. Water plays a role in every type of cellular process within the body, so when we’re dehydrated, everything runs less efficiently. The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies of Sciences suggest a daily water intake of 11 cups to 16 cups. Drinking water is critical to maintaining our health and is critical to our survival. Make a commitment to properly hydrating and you’ll start noticing a change in your health, you got this!

Aeration is giving your grass the chance to take in air, nutrients, and water. You guessed it, just like the grass we need those vital resources as well. Give yourself much needed "Aeration" by going outside and soak up the sun’s natural Vitamin D. A boost of sunlight is not only good for our bones, but it helps with anxiety, depression, lowers blood pressure, improves mood, sleep, and so much more. Get outside and give yourself a chance to soak in those rays of sunshine.

We are all individuals with different needs. Our metaphorical grass may require additional or completely different care. Our grass will not look the same, be the same height, or have the same color. We may use different soil and fertilizer. The goal is to pour good things into ourselves because we deserve it. I encourage all of us to get comfortable with being our own advocates, researching and finding things that work well for us. Things which will help us grow the most lush, vibrant and healthiest of grass. And remember: The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, it’s greener where we honor, appreciate, value, fuel, cultivate, respect, and nurture it.

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