Memoir by Tommy D. Talley

Since he was a child, Tommy always dreamt of a better life. To cope with the narcotic & alcohol addictions, physical & verbal abuse, and poverty he faced as a child, he learned to retreat to quiet places in nature where he could relax and be still. 

Tommy faced many challenges growing up, such as being responsible for his sisters from a young age, fearing for his life, and being separated from his parents and siblings. 

By the time he became a teenager, Tommy had to overcome issues of low self-esteem and to learn forgiveness so that he could start to heal from his past. He started to learn the value of hard work and found mentors in unexpected places. 

As he became more involved in sports and academics, Tommy realized he had potential, and he could achieve more than he had thought possible. He dared to believe in himself and pursue his goals and dreams. 

When Tommy reached college, his faith and hope were revitalized, and he felt moved to get involved in politics to help others who came from backgrounds similar to his.

After Tommy got married, he discovered that his emotions were running his life. He had no idea that his past was still affecting him, but when it threatened to tear his family apart, he knew he needed to seek outside help. Counseling and learning about mental health began to greatly impact Tommy, and slowly he and his family took the first steps towards healing. 

Tommy has realized the importance of understanding himself and others, and of clinging to love, hope, and forgiveness in life. He tries to inspire and help others today through his blog, videos, and podcasts, under the brand Tommy Talks.