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Mental Health Affects Us All

50 Million

Nearly 50 million Americans are experiencing a mental illness.


More than half of adults with mental illness do not receive treatment. Over 60% of youth with depression do not receive treatment.

2.5 Million

Over 2.5 million youth in the US have major severe depression.

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Ways you can help #normalizementalhealth

Tommy Talks is working daily to #normalizementalhealth and to promote improved mental health for all. This is a huge task and with your help we can come together to learn, heal, educate, support, and grow. Help lay the foundation for generations to come.

Learn how you can help below👇 

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Join the conversation

Let’s remove the stigma by sharing our experiences with mental health, supporting one another, and by sharing encouragement and insight.


Help us #normalizementalhealth 💚

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